Author: Jillian Manning

Jillian Manning is the PR/Media Manager at Traverse City Tourism. She loves exploring Northern Michigan, getting lost in a good book, and catching a Traverse City sunset.


The northern Michigan area is home to dozens of incredible attractions, like the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, and the region’s many freshwater beaches. But whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth, there’s still more to explore. Let’s get to know some of the Traverse City area’s hidden gems.


There’s no place like the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The towering bluffs, golden dunes, and turquoise waters take your breath away, even when you’ve been there a dozen times. This year, things are a little different at our favorite national park, but we have all the info you need to create a perfect trip.


Northern Michigan is THE place for the summer harvest. From our signature cherries to just about every fruit and veggie you can imagine, it’s all here. Our farmers markets also host local butchers, cheese makers, bakeries, and more. Yum!

We may never agree on where an apostrophe goes in Farmers/Farmer’s/Farmers’ Market—in fact, you’ll see different punctuation on the names below—but we certainly CAN agree that we love shopping all the fresh and fabulous options. Here are seven must-visit markets for your next visit up north.

Looking for an outdoor art experience? Head to downtown Traverse City, where murals and street art have begun to pop up to decorate the sides of buildings and illuminate alleyways. While there are more than just five murals downtown—and far more than that around the region—we chose five classics to start your art education.

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