Author: Jillian Manning

Jillian Manning is the Executive Director at the National Writers Series. She loves exploring Northern Michigan, getting lost in a good book, and catching a Traverse City sunset.


Cozy igloos, romantic sleigh rides, sharing a bottle of wine…if you’re wondering what to do for Valentine’s Day in Traverse City, look no further. Here are seven ways to make the most of the holiday weekend.


Whether you’re a skier, snowshoer, snowmobiler, or just a fan of all things snow, there’s something special about visiting Traverse City in the winter. The trees are coated in white, the lakes have turned a frosty blue, and the lights downtown always seem to be twinkling. 

This year, we’re celebrating winter fun in style with our Escape Packages.


Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to see Traverse City in winter: rentals are affordable, you get a great workout, and there are tons of places to explore. It may take a few minutes for newbies to get used to a new stride, but once you’re winding through a forest on top of the snow, pausing to catch a glimpse of an eagle overhead or a deer dashing across your path, you’ll know like you’re in a pretty great place.


2020 is the year of the takeout revolution, and plenty of northern Michigan restaurants have risen to the occasion. We encourage you to get takeout from your favorite spot whenever you can, but also take a look at these unique to-go options. From heat-at-home dinners to collaborative brunches to holiday meals on the go, there are so many great tastes in Traverse City.

It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together up north! If you’ve never taken a sleigh ride before, it’s everything you see in the movies—prancing horses, falling snowflakes, and cozy blankets. Across northern Michigan, there are plenty of ways to get your sleigh on, whether it’s a romantic ride for two or an adventure for the whole family.


November 19 is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, and we are here to celebrate it! So many of the incredible businesses in northern Michigan are run by smart and creative women—it was hard to just pick a few for this story! From restaurants to breweries to retail, check out how four Traverse City women created successful and beloved businesses in our community.


Traverse City Beer Week is our chance to raise a glass to the great beer we know and love in northern Michigan. While things will look a little different this year during the November 13-20 celebration, we’re so excited to be able to offer tons of beer fun in our “hoppy” place. Get the scoop on what the week will look like below. 

Peak color is here in northern Michigan! We'll get to enjoy the gorgeous reds, golds, and oranges over the next week or two, as the color migrates toward the water. Inland forests change colors first up here, with the lake and bays protecting the trees closer to the shoreline.

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