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Snowmobilers love the trails around Traverse City! Blanketed with soft white snow, the region’s gently sculpted hills and valleys are the perfect setting for winter adventure.

More than 200 miles of the country’s finest and most diverse snowmobiling trails lie in the beautiful Boardman and Jordan River valleys. Since the region’s scenery is so diverse, the trails encompass many different landscapes: snug tunnels of tall snowy evergreens, open stands of hardwood where the sun shines down through blue shadows, high ridges where eagles soar, wide meadows that look out over distant glacial lakes.

The Boardman Valley Trail is an 80-mile network of scenic routes that wander through thick green cedars and pines beside the snow-cradled Boardman River, skirt the edges of icebound lakes among wooded hills, and glide through stands of oak where deer run silently beside the pathway.


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