Food Trucks

We all know what a food court looks like in the mall. Now imagine that reinvented with outdoor seating, local food options and adult beverages. Dining at a food court just got a whole lot better!

Stop by for a bite to go, drop in for a drink, or spend a few hours with friends on the patio. Most of the lots are open mid-spring to early-fall, and there are various locations around Traverse City. 

Downtown, at The Little Fleet visitors will find a diverse selection of micro restaurants housed in colorful trailers. Run by local entrepreneurs, they offer everything from street tacos to simple grilled cheese sandwiches.  Local favorites include sushi from White on Rice, Korean Beef tacos from Roaming Harvest and the Smash Burger from Glendale Ave. New trucks arrive frequently, so there’s always exciting menus to sample from.  

Just a block away from The Little Fleet, there are additional options on the patio at The Coin Slot and Keg Stand taproom. Here you will find one to two trucks, complete with picnic tables and cornhole bags to play, making it another fun spot to grab a quick bite to eat. Oh, did we mention that it’s right outside an old school arcade? The Coin Slot arcade and taproom has tons of games that will bring you back to your childhood, from Donkey Kong to Super Mario Brothers to dozens of pinball machines!

On Wednesdays and Saturdays during the Sara Hardy Downtown Farmers Market there will also be food trucks. A partnership between Taste the Local Difference and the market, brings vendors who have committed to obtaining at least 50 percent of their ingredients from farmers at the market. Eat local and shop local -- it's the best way to experience the flavors of Traverse City! 

On the west side of town, a new lot is opening this summer. "Happytown" will feature seven trucks including Norma’s Tamales & Mexican Cuisine, Nepalese Have Another, a gourmet grilled cheese truck, a fruit stand, carnival fare and two more that will be announced soon. 

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