Romantic getaway

Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. Especially when it comes to spending time with that special someone. Job, family…all the daily demands can steal precious time from your “couple time”. It’s time to get away. Just the two of you. To reconnect and recharge for a weekend. Fortunately, we have a solution. A relationship retreat. Allow us to explain… 



You arrive shortly after 4:00 at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa. The ride up the elevator provides a magnificent view of the countryside. The late afternoon sun sparkles on the bay…magical. You arrive at Aerie Restaurant, appropriately perched near the top of the resort, just in time for your 7:00 reservations. The 360-view from up here is spectacular. Start with the popular cheese and charcuterie. Toast your good fortune with a glass of a local Chardonnay. For dinner, consider the grilled salmon done with fingerling potato salad, candied bacon and grilled asparagus. Ask about the daily specials too…the restaurant prides itself on locally sourced, in-season recipes. 

After dinner, duck into the lounge at Aerie for a nightcap and a little live music. 

Wine Tasting at Bonobo Winery



The morning sun stretches slowly into your room. It feels so good to sleep in. You gradually make your way downstairs to breakfast. The Sweetwater American Bistro awaits with all the morning essentials. Try the classic Eggs Benedict, create your own omelet or load up on carbs for the day with a piping hot plate of fresh pancakes. Finish your meal off with a second (or third) cup of coffee. 

It’s time for some real R&R (relaxation & rejuvenation). Head upstairs to the resort’s full-service spa. You arrive just in time for your relaxation massage…80 minutes of luxuriant indulgence for just the two of you. You can feel your whole body breath a sigh of relief as the tension simply melts away. A warm scalp treatment completes the amazing experience. 

Refreshed and rejuvenated, you’re ready for more. The next part of the adventure begins at the base of Old Mission Peninsula at Mari Vineyards. As luck would have it, there’s an empty table on the patio. You quickly secure it and order a couple glasses of the Cabernet Franc. The warming sun pairs perfectly with the magnificent bay view. The feeling is full-on Tuscany. It’s tempting to linger, especially for a tour of the underground wine cellar, but there’s more to see. 

Driving up the peninsula, the road hugs the bay, revealing a breathtaking view at almost every curve. You eventually make your way to Chateau Chantal, one of the area’s oldest and most celebrated wineries. You’re here for their Harvest Dinner; a generous seven-course meal featuring perfectly paired food and wine. As dinner winds down, the sun starts to sink behind the glowing hills. You both toast the view with a glass of cherry wine. It’s been a day to remember. 

Sunset over Lake Michigan



There’s a slight chill in the air as you step aboard Seaside Sailing Excursions' 32.5’ sailing yacht “Impulse”. As the boat sets sail, you feel the gentle sway beneath your feet and the excitement of the open water ahead. The captain's voice fills the air, narrating the sights and stories of the region. As you glide along, the stunning vistas unfold before you. The cerulean waters of Lake Michigan stretch out to meet the clear sky, and the Traverse City shoreline offers a picturesque backdrop. This is the enchantment of Seaside Sailing Excursions.

With the sun hanging a bit lower in the sky, three hours and a few hundred "oohs and ahhs" later, you're back on solid ground. It's time for brunch before you head back to "reality." Make your way to Red Spire Brunch House at the Grand Traverse Commons, a charming spot that beckons with its culinary delights. Indulge in their delectable offerings, from hearty omelets to mouthwatering crepes. Try the signature Red Spire Omelet with local ingredients or savor the sweet notes of their Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. A sip of freshly brewed coffee transports you into a world of flavors.

After brunch, take a leisurely walk along the pier at Clinch Park Marina and soak in the beautiful blues of Grand Traverse Bay. Don't rush the walk; instead, cherish the moments of time together, sharing conversations and taking in the serene views.

As the weekend gradually fades in the rearview mirror, you're on your way. With the promise that you’ll return to create more cherished memories—just the two of you.

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