Virtual Urgent Care

Munson Healthcare has introduced an innovative program known as Virtual Urgent Care, completely transforming the way patients seek immediate medical attention from the convenience of their own homes. This pioneering initiative serves as a convenient and dependable alternative to traditional urgent care visits, offering individuals a seamless and reliable solution. By utilizing secure video consultations, patients can connect with experienced healthcare professionals, bypassing the need for travel and long waiting times. Whether it's a minor injury, common illness, or urgent medical question, patients now have access to prompt and personalized care provided by a dedicated team of healthcare providers. The Virtual Urgent Care program ensures a streamlined virtual experience, delivering accurate diagnoses, and appropriate treatment recommendations. With this program, Munson Healthcare firmly demonstrates its commitment to delivering accessible, high-quality healthcare, empowering individuals with peace of mind and timely medical support precisely when they need it most.

Virtual Urgent Care sessions can be covered through insurance providers or with a $75 self-pay rate. Quick and easy virtual care is available for ages 3 and up 24/7. No app or download is needed.

Click here to access the Virtual Urgent Care portal.

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