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Traverse City Tourism maintains a stock library, principally in electronic form, of hundreds of images depicting the diversity, activities and seasons of our area. Many of our images are available at no charge to qualified editorial and travel promotion writers, as well as convention groups. We retain the copyright to all images and must approve the purpose for which they are used.

Images can be used for:

  • Travel Promotion: Brochures for travel agencies and use in other publications for professional travel offices.
  • Editorial: Magazine and newspaper travel articles and approved television use.
  • Convention Promotion: Illustrating brochures about meetings in the Traverse City area and other attendance-building collateral material.

Images cannot be used for:

  • Commercial Use: Including advertisements, merchandising, postcards, calendars, magnets, or buttons.
  • Advertising or non-travel-related purposes.

To request photos, contact us at 800-940-1120 during normal business hours or complete the following request form. 

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