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If one thing is for certain in Traverse City, it’s that you will always find a year-round selection of special events. While some of these events come and go, others are long-standing traditions that return every year.

In Traverse City, almost everything revolves around cherries. Naturally, it makes sense that one of our oldest and most iconic festivals is the National Cherry Festival. Taking center stage in Downtown Traverse City every July, the eight-day celebration is one of the country’s largest festivals! And it all happens in our little corner of northwest Michigan.

Rooted in our area’s agricultural history is the annual blossoming of thousands of cherry trees in the region. This highly-anticipated event occurs during mid-May every year. Without the cherry blossoms, there would be neither a cherry crop nor a festival later in the summer dedicated to celebrating the delicious fruit – but the annual blossom time is an event well worth celebrating in its own right. Each year this breathtaking spectacle wows visitors who are lucky enough to witness thousands of tiny white flowers painting the landscape. However, this natural wonder is easy to miss, as it generally only lasts for around five days. Timing is crucial! Keep an eye on our Facebook page, where we'll post daily updates on the status of blossoms, and check out our blossom guide for several recommended blossom driving tour routes!

Believe it or not, we don’t always talk about cherries. And when we don’t, magical things still happen such as Traverse City Restaurant Week at the end of February. Food is a passion for us in Traverse City. With our agricultural history and a commitment to creating menus that showcase the region’s ingredients, the area has become a culinary destination. See and taste what it’s all about!

Cherries. Wine. Food. And…beer! It’s all on display in November during Traverse City Beer Week, a parade of tastings, dinners and festivals devoted to the area’s celebrated craft beer industry -- particularly the many microbreweries, brewpubs and craft beer taprooms in the Traverse City area.


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