With Lake Michigan’s clear blue waters and breathtaking shoreline, along with scores of pristine inland lakes just a short cast from excellent lodging, award-winning wineries, gourmet restaurants, and world-class golf courses, Traverse City is heralded by many as the finest fresh water sport fishery on the planet! 
Smallmouth Bass, walleye, King and Coho Salmon, steelhead, Lake Trout, Brown Trout and Great Lakes Muskie are just a few types of fish swimming in our waters. And you know those trophy sized ones you see in pictures? You might just catch one here!  
"Between May and October, there is no consistently better place to be fishing in America than Traverse City, Michigan. Diversity is the key: Lake Michigan with salmon and steelhead; Grand Traverse Bay with some of the best smallmouth pockets and carp flats in America; and more rivers and natural lakes filled with trout, bass, and panfish than you can begin to touch in one season." -- Field & Stream

Winter doesn't end Traverse City's fishing opportunities -- it just changes them!  The fish are still out there, and in early winter they're livelier than ever.  Massive steelhead can be found in the area's rivers and can be caught from the riverbank, but even fly-fishing for trout is an option for much of the winter. As soon as the ice begins to thicken on our local lakes, anglers head out onto that "hard water" with their shanties and tip-ups to enjoy the traditional Up North pastime of ice fishing

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