If islands could talk, then Power Island would speak loudly of legends. This 200-acre island that sits north of Traverse City on West Grand Traverse Bay is currently owned by Grand Traverse County. It is a playground for swimming, hiking, boating, or just relaxing.

But there is a deep history

Help Wanted – Lifesaver 

  • Work in an isolated area 

  • Schedule is 24 hours a day 

  • Work seven days a week 

  • Save lives in inclement weather 

  • Trim wicks & replenish whale fat 

  • Wages $700 a year 

By today’s standards, this may not be the most attractive “Help Wanted” ad to entice you to change your career. But this is exactly what was expected of the early Lighthouse Keepers who kept watch over the Great Lakes in the late 1800s.  

To many of us, summer means getting outside. And whether you’re itching to spend the day on a boat, on the trail, or at a campground, there’s no better place to enjoy the beauty of nature than northern Michigan.

The concert venues were empty. The nightclubs were painfully silent. Even the buskers kept away for the downtown streets where they played for tips. Now, we are on the backside of the pandemic, and music is starting to once again to fill the air of Traverse City. 

Dynamic Variation: