Doubtful you will find a more unique story for the start of a premier family ski destination than you will find at Crystal Mountain. It began as a high school class challenge to find the best location for a ski hill. From that challenge in 1956, Buck Hills opened with a single tow rope powered by an old pickup truck engine. That little engine-run hill morphed into a community ski hill, that later morphed into a full-service family run resort known today as Crystal Mountain.   

It’s like dropping breadcrumbs along the trail. It becomes a way to find your way back home. When you’re lost, you are found. Throughout the Traverse City region, there are breadcrumb trails scattered around the region. These crumbs reconnect the first residents, Native Americans, back home.

Usually this time of the year we are announcing that peak color has arrived, but right now we are still about a week away. The cooler evening temperatures should kick full color into action. With that said, it's likely that by this weekend autumn will be putting on quite a show. While it's hard to say exactly which areas will be the most colorful, we do know that you are bound to find color around the region. 

Peak color is on the way to northern Michigan! We'll get to enjoy the gorgeous reds, golds, and oranges within the next few weeks. The warmer October temperatures have slowed down the color change, but there are spots around the area where autumn's annual display is starting to appear. This slow shift bodes well for travelers, since the peak lasts longer and can be enjoyed in so many different places! 

The Iceman Cometh Challenge is a mountain bike race held on the 1st Saturday of November. Over 5,000 riders from across the country and around the globe gather in Traverse City for 30 miles of fast and fun racing. Race Director Cody Sovis answer's some questions as we get close to race day! 

Fall color is on its way to northern Michigan, but we are not at peak. As you drive the rolling hills of Old Mission Peninsula, cruise the Leelanau County roads, or head toward  downtown Traverse City, you'll see some spots of red, orange, and gold in the trees. Some areas around the region are a little more colorful; Benzie County has just a touch more color than we do, but they are also not at peak. 

Apples are good any time of year, but during the fall they are begging you to be snacked on! Even better, if you plan your apple picking adventure with a visit to a pumpkin patch, and a stop for warm cider and cinnamon donuts, you'll have a day to remember. 

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