As couples, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day craziness of life. There’s so much accountability, and too often when we think we’ve found some resemblance of balance among the madness, the universe has a funny way of reminding us that we live perpetually on shaky ground.

No matter how rocky life’s journey becomes, it’s important to maintain our vitality as partners so we don’t get trapped preserving the status quo. For my wife and I, we keep our relationship fresh by tapping into new experiences in Traverse City together – these can be as simple as planning out short day trips (some great ideas and itineraries can be found here), a wine tasting, or riding our bikes somewhere we hadn’t before.


While you won’t see many harvesters in the vineyards this time of year, the behind the scenes work taking place in the wineries is just as important. In the cold winter months after the fruit has been picked and the vines pruned, your soon to be luscious Pinots, Cabernets and Rieslings sit patiently in bottles, barrels of oak and stainless steel tanks. Winemaking is a not only a craft but a science. 

Sure, it's cold. And yes, there's lots of snow. But here in northern Michigan, that's what is expected. And for most of us, it's actually exciting! Now we know some of you might think we're crazy, but aren't we all...just a little bit? Seriously...what do we love about January and February? Well, to

The penchant for alcohol, in all its forms, continues to evolve in Traverse City. First, there were the wineries. Boutique, often family run endeavors that began in the 70s, they gained a reputation for their signature Chardonnays and Rieslings. Then came the breweries, riding the wave of the craft movement that started in the 80s on the West Coast. Today, “hop heads” can enjoy everything from a chocolately Stout to a golden Saison in over 15 (and counting) breweries.

It all starts with...a view of the Bay, of course! What follows are the little moments that make up our days, or the big events that wow us without even being planned! All said and done, all of these things combined make us grateful to be living in this pretty great place known as Traverse City.