Gift-buying plays a big part in holiday preparations, and in the Traverse City area our charming downtown districts, unique shops, craft beverage providers and many other local businesses are always putting a clever spin on the season. While your shopping might not look like it has in years past, here are five ways to support local—and give great gifts!—with some northern Michigan flair.

From preserved historical sites to agritourism hotspots to wineries, breweries, and distilleries, Traverse City is blessed with an abundance of out-of-the-ordinary event venues. Only in Traverse City do you get to choose from hosting an event on the grounds of a renovated former asylum or a hilltop overlooking vines and the blue waves of Grand Traverse Bay. The hardest part is choosing which venue to go with! 


November 19 is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, and we are here to celebrate it! So many of the incredible businesses in northern Michigan are run by smart and creative women—it was hard to just pick a few for this story! From restaurants to breweries to retail, check out how four Traverse City women created successful and beloved businesses in our community.

This summer and fall there were plenty of outdoor dining and drinking options around Traverse City. But now what happens when it's colder (and snowy)? It's northern Michigan, so we are used to adapting to the seasons! Our answer to late fall and early winter temperatures is to stay outside, but do it warmly in a yurt, an igloo, a tent or by a fire. These are all available at area restaurants, breweries, wineries and distilleries. 

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