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Flights and Charter Buses 

Getting to Traverse City is easy with the Cherry Capital Airport, a full-service commercial airport offering major airline service to 300 domestic and international destinations. There is also the option to stay on the ground with the Indian Trails bus route that serves Traverse City. The route starts in Grand Rapids and ends in St. Ignace. This is a great connection to Amtrak trains in SW Michigan and other bus services (i.e. Greyhound) to get around.

Public Transportation & Ride-Hailing

When you're in the area, BATA makes it easy to get around town with their public transportation services including Link and the Bayline.

Link on Demand is a ride-hailing service like UBER or Lyft, which delivers rides as they are requested. Rides can be requested either in real-time or up to one day in advance. The cost of a ride is only $6.00 per one-way trip of $3.00 for reduced-fare eligible persons (students, seniors, persons with disabilities, and veterans or active military). 

The Bayline is BATA's free bus route that runs seven days a week from 6 am to 9 pm daily, with buses every 15-17 minutes. 

You can now track the location of BATA buses in real-time using the BATA Bus Tracker. This powerful new tool makes it easier than ever to plan your BATA trips around town.

If you're flying into Cherry Capital Airport and heading over to Benzie County, check out the Benzie Bus Airport Express Service

In addition, the shuttle companies are perfect if you are going to visit the wineries or breweries

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 

If you are traveling in an electric vehicle there are charging stations around the region. Use this map as a resource to find ones near your destinations.

Group Tours

If you are planning a group tour to the Traverse City area, be sure to visit our Group Tours page. There you'll find information on group tour packages, charter companies, service locations, fuel stations, mileage, and more.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Does Traverse City have an airport?

        Yes! Cherry Capital Airport (TVC), the third busiest airport in Michigan, is situated just minutes from downtown. Servicing 19 non-stop destinations, Cherry Capital Airport is your gateway to the wonders of northern Michigan.

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