When you’re in a pretty great place, you tend to drink some pretty great stuff. And here in the land of 40+ wineries and tasting rooms, you know that the vino is no exception. Over the last 15 years the Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsula wineries have exploded in popularity, honing global attention and furthering the story of the Traverse City region. Recently the peninsulas have joined forces to promote their craft under one name, Traverse Wine Coast. We sat down with Paul Hamelin, owner of Verterra Winery in Leland, to learn more about the Traverse Wine Coast…and maybe sip a little red. 

Vitamin N: nature. It fills our spirits and makes our bodies strong. And for visitors to the Traverse City area, a beautiful and health-giving year-round daily dose is readily had. Here’s our punch list of possibilities for getting outdoors in every season. 


There’s not many vacation plans more daunting to make than those once the kids hit the teenage years. The things that used to work before don’t work as well – and if they do, it’s because you’ve set them free and gone your separate ways. But, never fear. Traverse City is loaded with great opportunities for teens and parents to enjoy outings together – with a little freedom built in.


Mineral C: Comfort. It’s a top priority when you’re cashing in that precious PTO and, let’s be honest, it’s a fun one to throw a little money at. So here we go, we’re taking you to the wonders of the great indoors and indulging in four-season comforts of Traverse City. A/C and heat included---these aren’t necessarily adventures, and they’re certainly not “roughing it.” These, simply put, are our top picks and suggestions for staying inside.

For years now, Traverse City has gained exposure as a top foodie town from well-known publications like Bon AppetiteLiveability.com, and theDailyMeal.com. And everyone knows that a foodie town isn't complete unless there's a booming wine and beer scene. Our hub is an eclectic mix of restaurants, wineries, breweries and festivals (We even have one in the spring dedicated to asparagus!).

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