Author: Traverse City Tourism

Casting Through the Chill

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 12:00 PM by Traverse City Tourism

The weather forecaster was right: A gentle blanket of snow covered the downtown Traverse City streets overnight. My 7:00 a.m. wake-up call at Hotel Indigo came with a mesmerizing view of Grand Traverse Bay. Gazing across the glistening water, I nearly fell back into a dream as I envisioned the

You can’t get Short’s Brewing innovations such as Pumpkincrusha on Nitro or Hot Loins aphrodisiac beer in the store. And you won’t find the Bellaire brewer’s Pistachio Cream Ale or S’more Stout at your local bar.

But you can come to taste them all this fall during Traverse City Beer Week. The annual celebration of northern Michigan brews returns Nov. 10-17 with drink specials – and special, experimental beers – at craft breweries all over the Traverse City area. 

The International Fireworks Championship transformed the night sky into a canvas of colors and shapes. These spectacular shows blend science, creativity, and pyrotechnic expertise to create breathtaking moments that left the audience in awe. Four teams from Germany, France, Mexico, and the USA took to the stage as spectators were treated to an unparalleled symphony of light and sound. In the end, the crowd would cast their vote for Best of Show with Germany taking home the trophy. 

Take a look at some highlights from the event! 

It seems like we just turned the calendar from June to July, and now we’ve changed it again to August. In just a few short weeks it will be fall, believe it or not.

As awesome as autumn is, why does summer have to go by so fast? Unfortunately, there is no pause button on life. But there is still time to slow down and soak up summer in northern Michigan before it’s too late. 

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