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If islands could talk, then Power Island would speak loudly of legends. This 200-acre island that sits north of Traverse City on West Grand Traverse Bay is currently owned by Grand Traverse County. It is a playground for swimming, hiking, boating, or just relaxing.

But there is a deep history

Each day, hundreds of people – especially kids – will congregate along the Boardman River at 118 Hall Street, in the city’s warehouse district. If this season is anything like past years, there will be lots of laughter, jumping up and down, pointing of fingers and juvenile squealing.


Spring is on the way -- you know it is! The days are getting a little longer, the nights are getting a little shorter, the sap is starting to run in the sugar maples and the birds are beginning to make cheerful noises in the yard. So just to help you keep your spirits up and help you

I’ve been thinking about fishing a lot lately - especially bass fishing. Because Traverse City has (or used to have) a little secret of its own: While anglers have long known it as a great spot for steelhead, coho and walleye, as well as some of the best fly-fishing in the Midwest, avid bass fishermen are starting to discover that Traverse City is also home to some huge smallmouth. 

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