Nifty Things

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    We are known as the most unique gift and jewelry store in Northern Michigan. We are also touted as the "most-shopped" store in downtown Traverse City. When you enter our stores, you will see thousands of unique items in a vast array of displays covering the entire store space. It is not uncommon for visitors to spend several hours looking at all of the nifty things we sell. Plus, we are the largest seller of Beads and charms in the region with brands like Chamilia, Kameleon, Jewelpops, Novo, and a large selection of custom beads that we have made exclusively for our customers. In addition to our downtown Traverse City store, we also have the following locations: Elk Rapids Store: 144 River St Elk Rapids, MI 49629 (231) 264-6420 Alden Store: 9043 Helena St Alden, MI 49612 (800) 405-6909

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