Kehl Lake Natural Area

  • Address: Kehl Lake Road, Northport, MI, 49670
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    The 279-acre Kehl Lake Natural Area north of Northport features 2,500 feet of undeveloped shoreline along the 74-acre lake, paths that wander through an extensive hardwood-conifer swamps and excellent birding. But for many visitors the most impressive sights are above them; old growth white pines and towering hemlocks whose needles and branches reach for the sky. The trail system includes two loops; the 1.4-mile Outer Loop and the Old Birch Trail a loop of less than a mile from the trailhead, along with a crossover spur. This 2.1-mile hike is a combination of both loops and includes the Kehl Lake viewing dock. (Photo courtesy of the Leelanau Conservancy.)

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