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    Tucked away on a wildlife sanctuary in northern Michigan is a shop built of native stones, glass, and wood. This building brings the outdoors in and blends all nature in its structure. From the display room with its huge fireplace and natural fountain, one can watch as twelve Heidelberg presses print. Stop by and visit the home and studio/store of world renowned artist, Gwen Frostic. The studio is a one of a kind building that is attuned to the spirit of nature that you can feel right as you walk in the door. Gwen sketched what she was inspired by that nature had to offer; from scurring critters to blooming flowers, birds soaring in the sky to the tall grass covering fields. She captured fine moments in time, out where they grow and live. Once Gwen had a sketch, she would carve out each linoleum block by hand for the note cards that are still printed today in her studio. Gwen enjoyed both the grandeur and the simplicity that nature had to offer and she created calendars, wrote poetry in her collection of books, printed cards, and many other items, all to share the beauty of nature we can sometimes miss. Come visit Gwen Frostic's home and studio, where you, too, can be inspired by this one of a kind experience.

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