Fruithaven Nature Preserve

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    The Fruithaven Nature Preserve is linked with Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy’s Upper Herring Lake Nature Preserve — together they protect 256 acres of the Herring Lakes Watershed. Other than an old farm field and the hardwood wetlands in the Herring Creek floodplain, Fruithaven is a broken terrain of ridges and valleys covered by a mesic northern forest of predominately sugar maples, American beech, and hemlocks. Wildlife that might be encountered ranges from whitetail deer and coyotes to wild turkeys, indigo buntings, and pileated woodpeckers.

    Originally, Fruithaven was accessed by nearly two miles of existing two-tracks. However, the old forest roads were poorly marked, hard to follow, and required backtracking. In 2014, a 0.7-mile loop was built from the trailhead on Herron Road that utilizes only a short segment of a two-track. While the loop features almost 100 feet in elevation, the climbs are gentle and reward hikers, and snowshoers, with a glimpse of the wetlands that Herring Creek flows through.

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