Category - Things to Do

When the sun sets on this scenic city, there’s no shortage of things to do. From open air bars to rooftop decks with a view, Traverse City is rapidly developing as a trendy scene to unwind and celebrate.  Whether you’re in the mood to enjoy an after dinner drink, play some pool or hit the dance floor, there's an exciting mix of bars and nightlife hot spots. 

Snacks are packed and sunscreen is applied. Kids are strapped into car seats and seat belts. You’re ready to head out on a hike with your family. But, as is so often the case, your kids have another agenda in mind. Instead of completing that two-mile loop, you barely make it two hundred yards before things go off the rails on the trails.

It was a Thursday evening in late May, and as I looked around The Little Fleet I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. The setting sun was glowing pink, the guitars were humming and there was a packed house. The energy felt different and alive. The patio was packed and there was an exciting feeling for summer. 

In the midst of the morning rush—breakfast-making, backpack-grabbing, everyone scattering in different directions for the day—I remember to pull out a favorite pair of black running shorts and a red short-sleeve top to take with me. And shoes. Don’t forget your running shoes. While I often log miles from my house on the east side of town—the Vasa Pathway, one of our area’s premier trail systems, is within steps of our neighborhood—I like mixing up my running routine and will head to favorite routes throughout Traverse City.