Author: Mike Norton

A former newspaper writer, Mike Norton was the media relations manager at Traverse City Tourism. He loves to walk, bicycle and kayak in the three seasons when our water is usually in liquid form. For the rest of the year he prefers snowshoeing and skinny-skiing. 


Say what you will about the quality of Traverse City’s cultural and culinary scene (and believe me, I’d be the last person to disparage it) the Number One Winter Attraction up here is still what you can do in the Great Outdoors. Once the snow begins to fall across this glacier-carved landscape, it becomes a sparkling white playground for outdoor winter sports – and that’s where the fun is.

Unlike many summer resort towns, which even today maintain a genteel sense of class-consciousness and exclusivity, Traverse City has always been a remarkably egalitarian place. It has no gated neighborhoods or private security guards – and at events like the National Cherry Festival, you’ll find stockbrokers and busboys standing in the same line for a bratwurst or a slice of pie.