Traverse Indoor Sports Coalition


A coalition of government, non-profit and business partners working together in pursuit of new indoor athletic facilities to support additional recreational and economic opportunities for the Grand Traverse Region.  


Traverse Indoor Sports Coalition (TISC) will pursue the development of indoor athletic facilities through partnership, communications, and resource development.  


The coalition seeks a future where the Grand Traverse Region features financially sustainable facilities that meet the current and future demand for indoor sporting space across all user groups, thus supporting the mental health and physical activity of our residents and bolstering the region’s economic development. 


Our goal is to foster the development of indoor court and turf facilities that are capable of hosting regular season games and tournament-level play, ensuring greater financial sustainability of the venues and supporting a stronger year-round economy and quality of life. 

What are tactics of TISC? 

Partner organizations will work collaboratively to identify and secure site(s) for facility development, explore potential management for facilities, pursue financial resources, and share information about facility demand, competitors, and costs. 

TISC will be overseen by representatives of the collaborating organizations, with various partners taking the lead role on tactics and actions as appropriate. Traverse City Tourism has agreed to provide backbone organizational resources to help support the overall group effort. 

Benefits of Joining TISC

  • The development of facilities supports regional talent attraction and retention, helping increase the number of students, families and eligible workforce in the region. 
  • Shared-use facilities support the needs of communities across and beyond the Grand Traverse Region, allowing for outlying schools and smaller user groups to host events. 
  • As time permits, such facilities can serve the needs for extended educational spaces and workforce training. 
  • High-caliber indoor facilities can help regional sports teams excel, while inspiring and supporting coaches and families. 
  • Events and tournaments help support year-round business sustainability. 

Partner Commitment

  • Partners will collaborate to support and encourage the development of indoor athletic facilities in the Grand Traverse Region. 
  • Each partner will share pertinent information about location options, existing and proposed facilities, facility-related demand, and opportunities related to the collective goal. 
  • Partners will contribute resources as available, such as staff time and information, sharing funding and resource opportunities, and potentially participating in delivering funds, funding mechanisms, sponsorship, etc. 

Coalition Partners

  • Garfield Township 
  • Grand Traverse County 
  • Grand Traverse Resort and Spa 
  • North Ed 
  • Northwestern Michigan College 
  • TBAYS 
  • TCAPS 
  • Traverse City Tourism 
  • Traverse Connect 
  • YMCA 

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