Cherry Tree Inn & Suites

The beautiful bay views attract many people to the Cherry Tree Inn & Suites. It’s what you don’t see, but rather experience, that keeps guests coming back. Like Cherry Tree Inn & Suites service, for instance. According to Jonathan Pack, General Manager, the staff makes a regular habit of going above and beyond for their guests. “One time, a staff member overheard a guest saying he had never enjoyed a local cherry pie,” Jonathan explains. “She actually went home that evening and baked him one. That’s the level of commitment we have here.” 

However the Cherry Tree Inn & Suites is committed to more than just exemplary service. They also like to offer their guests options…lots of options, especially when it comes to accommodations. Cherry Tree offers 25 different types of rooms—yes, 25!—ranging from efficient, yet comfortable studios to lavish, spread-out-in-comfort suites. “We can accommodate virtually any size group,” Jonathan states. “From single tourists to extended families and beyond, we’ve got you covered.”  

Cherry Tree also offers plenty of shared space for the guests to enjoy each other’s company, as well as the natural beauty that surrounds the property. Guests gather on the second floor breezeway and gaze out at the sunlit bay. Families appreciate the library, which includes a fireplace, comfy leather sofas, and plenty of board games.  

Of course, there’s always the bay. Cherry Tree has over 400’ of bay frontage, half of which is preserved as a nature sanctuary, which attracts water birds and the occasional beaver or muskrat. “Guests can literally play alongside nature,” Jonathan explains. “After all, isn't that what being up here is all about?”