Photo: Noah Jurik

A one hour drive out of Traverse City will take you to one of the most breathtaking views of Lake Michigan to be found anywhere!  

The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy Overlook Trail at Arcadia Dunes is an incredible spot to take in the majestic scenery of the region. Even better, it is also a completely accessible trail for people with disabilities.  This trail provides a unique opportunity for people with mobility challenges to wander along a woodland area that ends at a viewing platform on a high bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. 

There are several great vista points overlooking Lake Michigan around the region. However, many of these are inaccessible to people with mobility challenges or are ones you simply drive to. What I love about this trail is the exhilarating experience of starting in the dark quiet woodlands, then after a relatively short time, feeling the wind off the lake that opens to the big blue expanse of Lake Michigan.  If you are looking for a “wow-factor” experience, take this trek, it's worth it!  

Arcadia Dunes OverlookPhoto: Deke Ludwig

While you are in this area, the nearby Arcadia Marsh Nature Preserve trail is also worth checking out. This trail allows you to explore a rare Great Lakes Coastal Marsh ecosystem via a boardwalk.  If birdwatching is your interest, be sure to bring your binoculars!   This is a rare chance to venture, not around, but straight into the marsh habitat.  Because it is a sensitive area for breeding birds, some of the boardwalk may be closed at certain times of the year.  This is a universally accessible trail and a “must do” nature experience that all can enjoy.

Accessibility Arcadia Dunes Trail

These trails are protected, owned, and managed by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy.  For more information on the trails and how to get there visit:

The Traverse City region offers enjoyment and exploration opportunities for everyone. Our area continues to add and enhance accessible experiences, and Traverse City Tourism is dedicated to providing information so that travelers of all abilities can find and explore the places they love.