Hall Beach

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    Hall Beach (adjacent to “Van’s Beach”) features crashing waves, blue skies and sugar sand. Protected in 1996, Hall beach preserves both Leland’s community character and its scenic view of Lake Michigan. The beach area was made possible by the Hall Family and the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. It lies at the base of the break wall and connects Fishtown to the rest of the public beach known as “Vans Beach” to the south. Linked together, these areas create an uninterrupted protected area for both wildlife and public to enjoy. A favorite place for watching Lake Michigan sunsets, Hall Beach also protects historic Fishtown from future commercial development. Nearly 240 feet of shoreline along Lake Michigan and 300 feet along the Leland Harbor are forever protected. The Leelanau Conservancy and the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund provided over 90 percent of the funding for its purchase by Leland Township. Photo by Jeff Ripple for Leelanau Conservancy

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