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Self-Guided Foodie Tour

Livability.com has rated Traverse City as the #1 "Foodie City" in America.  Discover why for yourself.
Long known for its scenic beauty and recreational bounty, the Traverse City area has also begun to attract attention as one of America’s most unique culinary destinations. Today, many visitors are familiar with the region’s award-winning wines and superb restaurants. But there is another side to the story: the talented artisans who create delicious foods that you can sample, purchase and enjoy on your own – whether it’s a fresh baked loaf of bread, a warm cherry pie, a glass of hard apple cider or a string of smoked sausages.
Want to meet and chat with the butchers and bakers, fishermen and brewers, cheesemakers and candymakers whose creations have helped to turn Traverse City into a “foodie’s paradise?” Here are a few places where you can do exactly that. This guide is by no means exhaustive, but it offers a wide variety of food experiences that you can enjoy any season of the year.
Be sure to stop in to our Visitors Center, conveniently located on the corner of Union St. and Grandview Parkway (right at the base of West Bay on the edge of downtown), to get a great local map and our Tasty Traverse - a self-guided foodie tour  brochure to assist you in your discovery of these local treats or you can download it below.