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There’s a reason Bon Appetit magazine named Traverse City as one of America’s "Five Top Foodie" Towns: we’re passionate about our food.

The morel mushrooms found in the area woods, the cherries and apples found in local orchards, and the fresh whitefish, perch and salmon from area waters all lend themselves to become eclectic dishes of fresh flavors when mixed with the talents of the area’s chefs and restaurateurs.

With the combination of an agricultural rich area and passionate industry professionals, it makes sense that culinary-focused events and festivals continue to pop up throughout the year to promote the rapidly expanding food scene – including the Taste of Traverse City, Paella in the Park and Traverse City Restaurant Week, just to name a few.

Brick and mortar restaurants, roadside stands serving up fresh fare, and food trucks that line the tree-lined streets of Downtown Traverse City are all part of the local scene that make Traverse City a vibrant culinary destination.