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March 19, 2021 TWC Annual Meeting 

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Wine Competitions & National Publications Submissions

The TWC marketing committee recommended to the board that we resume the collective marketing of TWC wines through three key international wine competitions and two national publications.  

These competitions were recommended to us by our outside SOMM board.  These are the competitions they felt were the best and the results would help define the true quality of our wine.  Furthermore, with 30 wineries from TWC sending wines to the same competitions, we can create an impact and allow press releases from TWC to be echoed by other media outlets.

TWC highly recommends you enter wines into these two events in the next 4-6 weeks.

TEXSOMM International Wine Competition.

Competition dates April 25 – 27

  1. Wine submission deadline March 31st
  2. Wines must arrive by April 4th
  3. Cost $95 per entry and 4 bottles of wine
  4. TWC recommends sending sparkling, dry whites and rose’s if possible


  1. Submission deadline is April 5th.    
  2. Publication of results will be in the September print issue and online. 
  3. No fees and two bottles per wine submitted
  4. You will need to go to Wine Enthusiast website click here
    1. To obtain a sample submission form click here
    2. To obtain a FAQ 2021 click here

Public Relations Plan

The marketing Committee Recommended we start a national influencer program through TWC press releases. 

Plan outline: 

  1. Create 1-2 press releases per month on relevant topics (14 topics have been generated for the remainder of 2021).
  2. In each press release, at least 4 TWC wineries will be asked for quotes and highlighted in the release
  3. The marketing team has collected hundreds of email addresses for Somms, bloggers, wine writers, national influencers across the US.
  4. Program will be run by the marketing committee and TCT for project management and writing support.
  5. First press release is scheduled for March

TWC Bylaws 
Click here to read the bylaws. 

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