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 Ebels          Little Town Jerky

Get ready to witness an epic showdown as six exceptional pyro teams gather in Traverse City to compete for the title of the best show! To determine the winners, two awards will be presented. While a panel of esteemed judges from different parts of the country will share their thoughts on the performances in the juried voting, your opinion will also count towards deciding each night's fan champion!

Spectator voting will take place after the final show each night. It's your chance to have a direct influence on the outcome!

When evaluating each fireworks display, consider the following aspects to make an informed decision and cast your vote:

  • Marvel at the intricate choreography seamlessly synchronized to captivating music.
  • Reflect on the music choices and how they enhanced the overall experience and complemented the show.
  • Appreciate the breathtaking designs painted across the night sky, leaving you awe-inspired.

To facilitate your participation, keep an eye out for signs adorned with QR codes strategically placed around the stadium. In case you miss them, friendly ushers will be ready with handouts that feature an exclusive offer from Ebels, along with a convenient QR code.

Even if you've spotted the signs, don't hesitate to grab a handout from the ushers—they’ll contain an exclusive special offer for you from Ebels!

Prepare to immerse yourself in an unforgettable spectacle and make your voice heard as you contribute to the excitement of this thrilling competition. Let the magic of the fireworks ignite your emotions and guide you towards casting your vote for the best show of them all!

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