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Winter doesn't end Traverse City's fishing opportunities -- it just changes them!  The fish are still out there, and in early winter they're livelier than ever.  Massive steelhead can be found in the area's rivers and can be caught from the riverbank, but even fly-fishing for trout is an option for much of the winter.

As soon as the ice begins to thicken on our local lakes, anglers head out onto that "hard water" with their shanties and tip-ups to enjoy the traditional Up North pastime of ice fishing. In fact, Traverse City is home to some of the best winter fishing anywhere, with bluegill, perch, crappie and walleye all available for the patient angler.

Learn more about Traverse City's year-round fishing opportunities and watch the action on iFISHIGAN. The show airs on the World Fishing Network from January to March.