Fishing Packages

Winter fishing in Traverse City is easier than you might think -- whether you’re fishing the rivers for big steelhead or camped out on the ice waiting for some tasty perch or walleye to hit your hook -- the secret to successful winter fishing is to always dress warmly and know where to look!

Plan your fishing trip with a Traverse City Winter Escape Package. Running from January 7 to June 15, 2019, these great packages combine special rates on lodging with money saving offers on dining (and more!). 

Choose the lakes you want to fish in, take a look at Michigan's Fishing rules and regulations and find out where to get a license with these helpful Department of Natural Resources' links below. 

Fish Stocking Database - Search for lakes in the Traverse City area to see when the DNR stocked fish. 
Michigan Fishing Guide - All the rules and regulations you need to know. 
License Agents - Map of where to buy fishing licenses. 
Purchase a License - Buy your license online. 

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