The Perfect Winter Weekend Getaway to Traverse City

Dynamic Variation:

Traverse City in the winter is a special place with pristine landscapes surrounded by the serenity of a quieter season. When the snow falls the region is transformed into a seasonal playground. When it's time to warm up and unwind, there are plenty of places to get cozy indoors. It's time to experience the enchantment of winter in northern Michigan where nature provides endless recreation and where the great indoors provide the warmth you always need on a cold day. 

The best weekends start on Wednesday.

Experience a magical long winter weekend in Traverse City, choosing from diverse lodging options, ranging from cozy cabins to luxurious resorts, each offering a unique escape. Whether you fancy the charm of boutique inns or the comfort of lakeside lodges, Traverse City's lodging options can cater to your preferences. Make the most of your extended weekend with exclusive lodging offers, creating lasting memories.

Pairs. Perfectly.

Embark on a craft beverage journey where every sip unfolds a tale of rich local flavors. Our region is a haven for enthusiasts, boasting an exceptional variety of libations. Explore vineyards where winemakers blend estate-grown grapes into exquisite wines, capturing the essence of the landscapes. Wander through aromatic brewery landscapes, where master brewers design unique drafts. Visit cideries where Michigan orchard apples transform into refreshing ciders. Distilleries showcase an array of distinct spirits characterized by artisanal ingenuity. Whether a seasoned connoisseur or casual explorer, savor the region's essence one sip at a time.


Don't Hibernate. Recreate.

Encounter glimpses of wildlife, rejuvenate your spirit with breathtaking vistas, or accomplish your fitness goals through an invigorating trek. These are the experiences awaiting you on the winter trails scattered throughout the region. Whether you're a seasoned cross-country skier, a novice in snowshoeing, or simply in search of a refreshing hike, we urge you to embrace the crisp winter air and the tranquil beauty of the season. This is exactly where you should be.


Share the warmth.

As the moment arrives to unwind, envision yourself nestled in coziness -- indoors. Discover the charming stores of downtown Traverse City and the surrounding villages, savor the diverse palate of culinary delights served at nearby restaurants, or explore the hidden treasures within the galleries, art centers, and theaters that make up Traverse City's dynamic arts scene.



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