Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

Say “Traverse City” to most area visitors and more than a few will mention Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. Its iconic glass building, standing tall, shimmering in the afternoon sun, has become an unmistakable Northern Michigan landmark. Look beyond its impressive exterior, however, and you’ll discover a resort that draws more people, visitors, and locals alike, for events, activities, and amenities that are beyond compare. 

“Everyone has a reason to come here,” explains Jillian Manning, Public Relations Manager. “We get golfers who want to test their skill. Businesses and organizations that want their meeting or conference to be a huge success. Couples looking for the perfect venue for their storybook wedding. Families who come to shop, swim, dine…and pretty much do it all. We have something for everyone.” 

And that “something” is truly something special. Like its 17-story structure, the resort has set a higher standard in terms of a resort experience. “Visitors enjoy the very best here,” explains Manning. “72 holes of some of Michigan’s finest golf, a luxurious, full-service spa. Shopping at the area’s best boutiques and a host of amazing dining options... That’s all without stepping foot off the resort property. Companies and organizations book their events here because they know it will increase attendance. People love coming here on business and then booking a few extra days to play.” 

Beyond its amenities, what’s so special about Grand Traverse Resort? A short elevator ride may answer that. As you slowly ascend, a magical scene appears outside the glass doors, providing an almost 360 degree view of the breathtaking countryside.  “Some people ride the elevators just for this,” states Manning. “You really see the big picture up here…the broad expanse of water and the rolling hillsides bordered by deep forests. There’s nothing else like it.”