Bay Port Lodging

The story behind Bay Port Lodging is a true northern Michigan love story. Just ask LuAnn Elwell, who co-owns the property with her husband, Mike. “We had been coming up to the Frankfort area for years,” she explains. “We loved it… the relaxed pace, the beauty, and the family feel. It was our dream to live up here.”

Their dream didn’t come easily though. The former owner of Bay Port wasn’t eager to sell, but in 2005, after months of urging, he sold to the Elwells. The rest is, literally, history. A history that LuAnn continues to discover. While rummaging through an old shed recently, she came across a six-foot long arrow sign, reading “Bub’s Cabins”. A little research revealed it to be from 1945; a time when many anglers came up to fish the area.

The old-time fishermen are few and far between these days. Instead, families find their way to Bay Port, looking to enjoy the area’s many natural attractions, along with the friendly, small-town charm. “Guests are amazed that I leave a sign on the door when I have to run errands,” LuAnn states. “We even do late check-ins, when I’ll leave my cell number for them. It’s the little things they appreciate.”

Guests also appreciate the homey décor and amenities that Bay Port features. The cottage-style rooms and suites are clean and comfortable. Each has a different theme, but all are painted in bright, cheerful colors and flowers. The chairs and doors are colored with a bit of whimsy too. “It just feels like home here,” says LuAnn. “That’s why many of the same guests come back, year after year. We had two elderly brothers who came fishing up here for decades. It’s just that kind of place.”