Sleep Inn & Suites

Most hotels are known for their beds, or breakfasts, or a combination of the two. Sleep Inn & Suites, on the other hand, may best be known for its chairs. Yes, its chairs. 

“A few years back, a hotel and restaurant across the street from us went out of business,” General Manager, Jonathan Pack, explains. “The hotel, which was on the bay, was soon removed. This created an amazing view for us. The day it came down, we went out and bought 15 Adirondack chairs and put them out for our guests to enjoy the view. Those chairs have become one of our most popular attractions.” 

It’s this kind of thoughtfulness, in regards to their guests, that has kept people coming back to Sleep Inn & Suites, year and year. “We strive to create a family atmosphere here,” Pack states. “That’s not very common for a national hotel chain. We want people to feel at home, that’s really our focus here. Our guests appreciate this effort.” 

Beyond those chairs, guests will also find and enjoy a heated indoor pool and hot tub, a cozy lobby, and, of course, an amazing staff, willing to go out of their way for anyone.  "It's not revolutionary.  It's simple.  We follow the Golden Rule -- treat others as we'd like to be treated.  It's not just our guests.  It's our suppliers, our team members, and anyone else who helps make our hotel run smoothly, so our guests can have a wonderful time in the Traverse City area!  That's what makes our hotel special."