Sleep Inn & Suites

Most hotels are known for their beds, or breakfasts, or a combination of the two. Sleep Inn & Suites, on the other hand, may best be known for its chairs. Yes, its chairs. 

“A few years back, a hotel and restaurant across the street from us went out of business,” General Manager, Kathy Kelly, explains. “The hotel, which was on the bay, was soon removed. This created an amazing view for us. The day it came down, I went out and bought 15 Adirondack chairs and put them out for our guests to enjoy the view. Those chairs have become one of our most popular attractions.” 

It’s this kind of thoughtfulness, in regards to their guests, that has kept people coming back to Sleep Inn & Suites, year and year. “We strive to create a family atmosphere here,” Kelly states. “That’s not very common for a national hotel chain. We want people to feel at home, that’s really our focus here. Our guests appreciate this effort.” 

It’s not just guests who benefit from Sleep Inn’s approach to hospitality. The owners have opened their doors to the area’s homeless at a time of year when a warm dwelling is most needed. “A couple of winters ago, I came into contact with a mother who had two young children,” explains Kelly. “The family had nowhere to go and the weather was brutal. We worked it out so they could spend the night at our hotel.”  

Since welcoming that young family, Sleep Inn & Suites has been offering rooms during the winter at a greatly discounted rate to those experiencing homelessness. Community donations, sometimes from hotel guests, help offset the minor costs, so some can even stay for free. “We had one guest hand us a check for $2,000 to help us provide shelter,” states Kelly. “People really surprise you. I’m just glad we can help our community in this way. Our staff feels really good about this too. They take a lot of pride in this work. Everyone deserves a warm bed.” Not to mention, a comfortable chair with a view.