Brio Beach Inn

When it comes to defining the experience at the Brio Beach Inn, the name says it all. According to General Manager, Jonathan Pack, the word “brio” is derived from a term meaning “fresh air”. “Guests come here to escape,” he explains. “They want an experience that’s simple and more relaxed…a breath of fresh air”. 

Simplicity seems to the Inn’s specialty. The rooms are clean, spacious, and designed in the classic Northern Michigan cottage motif. The cool colors of the walls reflect the beachfront environment. Antique lamps and familiar “doodads” amplify the up north feel. There’s even a screen door by the vending area, which seems to “bang” on cue, as a gentle reminder of summers past. 

For all its homey comforts, the Inn’s real draw is still the bay itself. “People come here to be on the water,” Jonathan states. “They just want to kick back and relax.” The Inn makes it easy to do so, with 20 chaise lounges, five oversized umbrellas, and gas grills.  

With such a focus on taking it easy, families find it’s also easy to strike up a conversation with fellow guests. “There’s a real sense of community here,” Jonathan says. “In the evening, people love to gather around our one large fire pit and share stories. Our staff joins in too. It’s like when we were little…we had our “part-time” friends that we ran into every summer on vacation. We played on the beach, swam, and we’d end the day watching the sunset and toasting marshmallows. That’s what it’s all about here.”