Mitchell Creek Inn

There’s something that feels very familiar about Mitchell Creek Inn. Maybe it’s the towering trees that seem to reach out in welcome as you pull in for a visit. Perhaps it’s the slow-moving creek that seems to whisper, “relax, take it easy” as it winds through the property. It could be the place itself; a charming, easily accessible inn with cabins that feel like the up north escape you always dream of. It could also possibly be the aroma of fresh-baked cherry coffee cake that, on certain mornings, hangs temptingly in the air. 

“It feels a lot like home here,” explains owner, Amanda Hays. “It’s why families come back here, year after year.” It’s a feeling that Amanda and her husband, Dave, work hard to help guests experience every time they visit. “We often get large, extended families that stay here,” she says. “Sometimes it’s for weddings, reunions…it’s a place where people love to gather. We have a large outdoor common area that’s perfect for relaxing or nighttime bonfires. The kids love to fish in the creek. Parents can launch kayaks here. With all the natural beauty around us, you’d never believe we’re just minutes from downtown Traverse City.” 

Amanda and Dave are always happy to help families enjoy all the natural amenities too. “We often teach kids to fish. You should see the smiles on their faces when they pull in a brook trout or a big rainbow. One time, Dave netted a bunch of crayfish in the creek. We had a big crayfish boil with the guests…they loved it.” 

There’s a lot to love about Mitchell Creek Inn. The home cooked breakfasts, including Amanda’s famous cherry coffee cake or rhubarb/strawberry crunch, the clean, comfortable, and surprisingly spacious rooms. The close by convenience of all Traverse City and the surrounding area has to offer. Perhaps the most important factor to love is that familiar feeling of family that seems to beckon you back, time after time.