Old Mission Inn

Celebrating their 150th Anniversary in 2019, the Old Mission Inn is an iconic, living landmark on the beautiful Old Mission Peninsula. This grand place, Michigan’s oldest operating historic hotel, is much more than an Up North getaway, it’s a celebration of Traverse City history every day.

From the minute you step foot on the Inn’s 135’ veranda, the Inn’s history comes alive. The registration area is much as it was many years ago, when it also served as a post office. “We’ve done everything we can to restore the property to the way it was back in 1869,” explains Co-Owner, Angie Jensen. “When we purchased the Inn back in 1998, it was ready to be torn down. Everything had been auctioned off. Fortunately, we were able to preserve it.” 

Angie, together with her husband, Bruce, and their son, Tyler, did much more than just preserve this historical gem. They thoroughly researched the history of the property and worked to secure relevant memorabilia. “We located a 1906 telephone switchboard that was used at the Inn,” Angie explains. “We also secured an American flag from 1870…there are only 38 stars on it.“ The Inn has a 70’ long “hall of history” with archival photos of the steam ships, stagecoaches, and other elements of early life on the Old Mission Peninsula. 

In addition to its many artifacts, the Inn also celebrates the people who have visited it. “We have signed registrations from Babe Ruth and Joe Louis, “Angie shares. “Today, we get guests from all over…Italy, Chile, you name it.” 

While the Inn itself is historical, its amenities are anything but that. The well-appointed rooms are the epitome of elegance and comfort. Modern, even gracious, bathrooms, are welcome upgrades to the chamber pots that were used over a century ago. Breakfast is wonderfully homemade and tailored to each guest’s liking. Guests are provided a menu from which they can choose Belgian waffles, eggs of any style, fresh fruit and—a guest favorite—Bruce’s signature crispy bacon.  

The Inn’s entire atmosphere is one of calm relaxation and silent reflection. “People come here to relax and be part of something special,” says Angie. “They can kayak calm waters, take a scenic drive to one of the peninsula’s wineries, or simply enjoy a good book on the veranda. It’s all about enjoying the scenery and history of the area at a stress-free pace.”