Peter Dougherty Mission House

  • Address: 18459 Mission Rd, Traverse City, MI, 49686
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    The Dougherty Old Mission House opens for Friday and Saturday tours on June 17th between 1pm and 5 pm.

    Celebrate the 180th Anniversary of the Dougherty Mission House contruction by the Rev. Peter Dougherty,  Chief Ahgosa  and his people. Travel back in time with us to where two cultures came together.

    The Peter Dougherty Society volunteers will introduce you to the National Register of Historic Places site featuring a new visiting exhibit. Our 15 acres with trails are open for you to explore from dawn to dusk every day. Learn about the Peter Dougherty Mission House with posted on-site telephone narratives and informative signs. Peek in the windows for a glimpse of life from 1842 to 1910. Come wrap yourself in 180 years of Old Mission Peninsula life. The Peter Dougherty Mission House was built with Chief Aghosa's Tribe in 1842 to house Rev. Peter Dougherty and his growing family. The Mission was established in 1839 as part of the Treaty of 1836. Learn about the Dougherty House close ties to the Old Mission Lighthouse. The Peter Dougherty Mission House has been lovingly restored to illustrate the early history of our region. The Dougherty House served as a Presbyterian Mission House, the center of the friendship of two cultures, a farm, a resort, a family retreat and is now a museum. Walk on the original 1842 floors and be transported into Old Mission Peninsula history where two cultures came together. We look forward to welcoming you in the future to where Old Mission Peninsula earned its name. See our website for information about the house, summer kitchen, carriage shed, ice house, unique outhouse, demonstration gardens, and more.

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