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    Welcome to Haunted Traverse, the only tour company in all of Grand Traverse County that is dedicated to paranormal adventures! We offer four different fun-themed tours this season including our flagship tour, the Historical Ghost Lantern Walking Tour (voted the #1 tour in TC), Weird 101 Walking Tour, Lie2Me Walking Tour, and the Ghost Hunting Experience.

    The Historical Ghost Lantern Tour starts in the heart of Traverse City and is 90 minutes packed full of history, ghost stories, and truly encapsulates the spirit of Traverse City! Also included is a short ghost hunt, with equipment provided, near Traverse City's first "official" cemetery. Some highlights include Perry Hannah's Victorian Queen Anne gothic-styled mansion and Traverse City's Carnegie Library.

    The Ghost Hunting Experience is where experienced ghost hunters train you on how to use all of the latest gadgets in the ghost hunting community and then let you do the ghost hunt! Are you brave enough to experience ghost hunting for two hours in haunted woods located at the Ghost Farm of Kingsley?

    The Weird 101 Walking Tour will tell of lore, legends, and unusual happenings that have unfolded in Traverse City's rich history!  Plus, you just might graduate and become an honorary local and get a sweet treat in return!  Come learn why West Grand Traverse Bay boiled, learn more about our very own Loch Ness Monster, a sweet bank heist, and the unusual items lurking under the waves of Grand Traverse Bay.

    New this year, the Lie2Me Walking Tour is going to be some mischievous fun. No lies. Your experienced tour guide will tell you four stories and you must decipher which one is true and which ones are the lies. If you guess the true story, you might just win yourself a sweet treat!

    All these walking tours are engaging, theatrical, and storytelling based, performed by an experienced tour guide and local to the area. If you will, we're a walking theater of sorts! We hope to see you for a lovely stroll through downtown Traverse City!

    Go to our website for more information or to book online. To be assisted over the phone, please call (231) 645-1447.

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