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    Private Boat Tours with H2Go Charters. WELCOME ABOARD The path less traveled is made of warm water, sandbars, and boats. Get on board! Experience the best of Northern Michigan summers on our private boat tours with H2Go Charters. Whether it’s relaxing swims, lively sandbar parties, or indulging in local wine and food along the lakeside towns, we ensure unforgettable days on the water. Contact us to explore the hidden gems of Lake Leelanau, The Narrows, the Cedar River, Leland, and the Leland River. Make weddings and special occasions truly remarkable with our services, including captain options for a worry-free experience on the water. Our Choose-Your-Lake Tours allow you to explore some of the other smaller lakes in the Traverse City area including Long Lake, Silver Lake, Lake Ann, Green Lake, Elk Lake, Lake Skegemog, and more!