Forrest, A Food Studio & Private Chef

  • Address: 408 S Union St, Traverse City, MI, 49684
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    Forrest, A Food Studio is a gourmet, multi-use kitchen studio. We offer an inspiring space to create new culinary masterpieces for off-site private events.

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    • Details: Our new carryout dinner program and wine shop hours are Thursdays from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Our new carryout dinner program includes three categories of food items: 1. Ready To Heat: Single serving dinner entrees that are received cold with instructions for reheating at home. Generally, dinner entrees will change every two weeks. A meat-based and vegetarian entree will be offered. 2. Ready To Eat: Potato Focaccia bread, dips, snacks, desserts, and more! Menu items will rotate on a regular basis and new arrivals will come and go. 3. Frozen But Not Forgotten: A new line of stuffed pasta that is received frozen, ready to boil at home and serve. The pasta may or may not come with a sauce. When a sauce isn't provided, online video tutorials/cooking instructions for a complimentary sauce will be provided for you to try at home! Our new retail boutique wine shop has a focus on natural, organic, and biodynamic wines. We also offer beer, cider, and a few single serving cocktails to-go.
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