Dougherty Old Mission House

  • Address: 18459 Mission Rd, Traverse City, MI, 49686
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    Come experience the snow covered beauty of Old Mission Peninsula history where the Old Mission Peninsula earned its name.

    The Dougherty Old Mission House was built in 1842 to house Reverend Peter Dougherty and his growing family. The Mission had been established in 1839 as part of the Treaty of 1836. The Peter Dougherty House has been lovingly restored to illustrate the early history of our region. This historic house has been a Presbyterian Mission House, a farm, a resort, a family retreat, and is now a museum.

    The Dougherty Old Mission House hopes to reopen for guided tours in 2021. See the website for tour information. You'll find a virtual tour of the House, which includes views of the summer kitchen, the carriage shed, the ice house, the outhouse, and more there. On-site phone narratives and two walking trails are available on the property.

    Wrap yourself in the magical winter quiet and the beauty of 179 years of Old Mission life at the Dougherty House.

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