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The Traverse City Tourism Foundation has awarded complimentary IRONMAN® 70.3 entries to five local charities. These charities will campaign for pledged dollars in completing the IRONMAN® 70.3 with all pledged dollars going directly back to the associated charity. The five local charities include Munson Manor Hospitality House, Friends of the Betsie Vally Trail, Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital, Frankfort Lighthouse, and Single MOMM.

Meet the Athletes 


Munson Manor - Justin Mortier

Justin Mortier


Justin knows the importance of having a safe, comfortable place to stay during an unexpected medical event. His son, Mac, was born with complications and required extensive treatment at a children's hospital downstate. Justin and his wife stayed at a local hospitality house, which eliminated their need to travel and provided them with a space to relax after some of their most stressful days. This is why he's chosen to support Munson Manor - to ensure northern Michigan families like his will always have a place to stay while receiving medical care. This is Justin's second Ironman competition. 

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Betsie Valley Trail - Frederick Stig-Nielsen

Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital - Adrienne Stephen Jones, Dr. Nancy Smith & Michelle Russell


POMH Ironman TeamPOMH Chief Medical Officer and Frankfort Medical Group primary care physician Dr. Nancy Smith will kick off the event by swimming 1.2 miles in the waters around beautiful downtown Frankfort. POMH Board Member Michelle Russell will follow Dr. Smith and cycle 56 miles throughout Benzie County and beyond. And Adrienne Stephen Jones, POMH Rehab Coordinator and Physical Therapist, will perform the final leg of the event by running 13.1 miles around beautiful Betsie Bay. 

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Frankfort Lighthouse - 



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Single MOMM - 

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