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The best way to experience the full sensory overload of autumn – the sound and smell of those new-fallen leaves, the feel of the breeze -- is to get out and spend some time cycling along the lovely country roads of the Leelanau or Old Mission peninsulas.

Of course, you have to pick the right kind of trail! Some provide cozy tunnels through deep woods, where the colors surround you on every side and there’s plenty of protection from autumn winds. Others are high on open hillsides, where you can get sweeping views of sky, water and autumn foliage and that dramatic interplay of sunlight and shadow.

Great paved trails for autumn include the Boardman Trail along the eastern shore of Boardman Lake. Mountain bikers will be glad to know that there are plentiful dirt tracks, including the trails at Timber Ridge Resort and the Glacial Hills Pathway near Bellaire.