You Are T/Here Exhibit at the Glen Arbor Arts Center

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    The Glen Arbor Arts Center (GAAC) begins 2021 with You Are T/Here, an exhibition that asks exhibitors to visually explore and describe what their own personal “here” or “there” looks like. What IS “t/here”? Is it a concept? An ideal? An abstraction? Or, a real place? The exhibition runs from Friday, January 15th – Thursday, March 25th. In addition, an online version of the exhibition may be viewed on our website.

    Go deeper into the GAAC’s You Are T/Here exhibition. The COVID pandemic has left more than one person unable to figure out if they’re coming or going, if they’re here or there. As a result, they’re stuck and their creative work has been impacted. Glen Arbor Arts Center Gallery Manager, Sarah Bearup-Neal, is in conversation with three practicing artists about their encounters with creative block.

    • Fleda Brown (Traverse City poet and author) talks about writer’s block and not-writing
    • Crystal Neubauer (Wisconsin visual artist + teacher working in mixed media) talks about her five-minute strategy for pushing through creative block
    • Paul Stebelton (Traverse City poet and proprietor of Landmark Books, a bookstore, and Landmark Press) talks about his 2018 chapbook, Writer’s Block

    Links to these recorded videos may be found on our website. Both the exhibition and the videos are free.