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    A guided walk-and-talk through the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s new exhibit, In Translation, takes place September 2 and October 14, 11 am. Sarah Bearup-Neal, GAAC gallery manager, leads a conversational tour of the exhibit. In Translation explores how visual artists translate the human and natural worlds, current events, and contemporary social issues through their art work. 

    The Walk + Talk will also include conversation about The Side Of The Road, an exhibition of abstract landscapes by Alice Moss. These mixed media paintings are in the GAAC Lobby Gallery.No one walks into a gallery and fully understands what the exhibiting artists intended to say with their work. During this one-hour program, Bearup-Neal will talk about both exhibits’ themes; shed light on artists’ statements; and explore how artists use materials to communicate meaning; or make an idea more dynamic. Visitors will leave with a fuller understanding, and appreciation of the exhibit. 

    A grant from the Michigan Humanities Council provides support for the In Translation project. The Walk + Talk is free. T