Video Lecture: The Power of Art in 28 1/2 Minutes

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    “Any form of art is a form of power. It has impact. It can affect change. It not only moves us, it makes us move.” Ozzie Davis

    Studio artist, Hank Feeley, returns with another lecture in his recurring series “Art in 28 ½ Minutes”. This time, Feeley takes a look at “The Power of Art”. Tickets for this online program are $10 for GAAC members and $15 for non-members. Registered viewers will receive an access code by email that will allow them to watch this video presentation anytime from Sunday, September 20th – Saturday, November 7th.

    In this fast-paced survey, Feeley explores how art continues to move us to change our world. Using examples drawn from visual art, music, science, architecture, and more, Feeley will examine how and why humans invented art as a language to communicate beyond the spoken word. Using audio and visual images, he will discuss the work of Picasso, Upton Sinclair, Mies Van Der Rohe, and Steve Jobs.

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