Traditional Anishinaabek Arts Room Exhibit at the Leelanau Historical Society Museum


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    This exhibit is a permanent collection of the Leelanau Historical Society. Step into the Traditional Anishinaabek Arts Room to experience an art form that honors the local native artists and their ancestors. In 1987, the Society began documenting, interpreting, collecting, and preserving birch bark and quillwork baskets and black ash baskets. This collection of Leelanau’s Odawa and other Anishinaabek artists was curated by Laura Quackenbush and is the result of more than 20 years of study, donations, purchases, and work by staff and volunteers.

    The Leelanau Historical Society is proud to announce the launch of an addition to the permanent exhibit The Katherine Hall Wheeler Traditional Anishinaabek Arts Room. The virtual exhibit and video component features Anishinaabek basket makers of Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula. Experience the human stories behind the baskets while standing amongst the maker's artwork. The video and app can also be accessed virtually by clicking here.