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The Out'n'Back

Maps & Directions

The biggest Out'n'Back of the year! It's one of the few weekends without a massive race in the area, so we're going BIG on October 15. Join us for the traditional TC OnB at Timber Ridge. The Out leaves at 9:00 AM and will make it to Kalkaska in an hour. Wes Sovis will lead an early group at 8:45 AM if you'd like to take your time. We'll have two groups, one doing the course in 2 hours and the other planning to complete the course in 2:30-2:50, with a regroup at Williamsburg Road. 

The Out'n'Back ain't no little thing. Expect a solid three hours of ride time....or more. 

Stay tuned to the page for news on giveaways, FOOD, and the chance to hitch a ride....

The Out'n'Back