The Bergamot Holiday Concert at the City Opera House

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    This indie folk duo will warm your heart for the holidays. Nathaniel and Jillian, the founding members of the band, The Bergamot, have interwoven their epic tale along with holiday-inspired music into one night of music and storytelling. A 50 state journey in 2016 unifying the country changed their lives forever. From the gentle winds of Santa Fe to the clattering of rail cars on The South Shore Train line, the stories from across the country take the listener on a winding tale from sea to shining sea.

    The Bergamot Holiday Concert is an intimate night of music and storytelling, warming the hearts of listeners with songs and stories of inspiration and hope rooted in human empathy. This is a true holiday experience you won't want to miss!

    For more information about this event or to purchase tickets, please click here. Tickets can also be purchased by calling the City Opera House at (231) 941-8082.