Table Four2 at MAWBY Sparkling Wines

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    This is the ultimate socially distanced wine tasting: Table Four2. Two people, four wines, and four food pairings. Enjoy your own private table nestled among the vineyards beneath two apple trees. Take your time enjoying our carefully curated, and a little unexpected, food and wine pairings.  

    What our guests are saying:

    • “Beautiful, peaceful setting. Nice waiter and very personal.”
    • “Very delightful, very private. Loved the focus on wine pairings.”
    • “The experience was very relaxing and enjoyable from start to finish. Lovely venue and fun pairings. It was nice to taste wines that I may not normally select on my own.”
    • “Loved it! It was great sitting in the vineyard. A whole different vibe from the tasting room.”

    Tickets are $95 per couple ($47.5 each) with tax and gratuity included. Tickets can be purchased online by clicking here.

    Table Four2 is offered at 1:00 PM Mondays – Thursdays through September 24th. Reservations are required and must be made 24 hours in advance.

    2020 Menu:

    • “Fish and Chips”: White Anchovies, Potato Chips, and Lemon-Garlic Aioli; wine pairing: GREEN
    • “Idyll Stagg”: Elk Salami, Fennel Pollen Goat, and Blackberry Shiraz Jam; wine pairing: GRACE
    • “Cracker Jack”: Caramel/Cheddar Popcorn and Curried Cashews; wine pairing: REDD
    • “Cookies and Cream”:Almondina and Lime Butter Cream; wine pairing: DETROIT